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Cannabis stocks and funds

How does it work?

As marijuana continues to expand the number of places where it is legal, some investors are excited about the profit potential for the cannabis industry. Total legal cannabis sales are expected to grow more than 16 percent a year and reach $51 billion in 2025, according to cannabis research firm New Frontier Data. Medical benefits and the growing use of products tied to cannabidiol, or CBD, make the cannabis industry ripe for continued growth.

Reasons to consider investing in cannabis

Any investment in a company or industry will ultimately depend on the profits those companies are able to deliver to shareholders. The cannabis industry is no different, but there are some reasons to be excited if you’re a potential investor.

Growth potential

The cannabis industry is still relatively young, with many states only just recently legalizing the drug. This leaves plenty of room for future growth that could come from further legalization, possibly at the federal level, and a wider adoption of products and uses.

New products and uses

Many people have an outdated image in their head when it comes to marijuana, but new products are being developed constantly. The drug’s effectiveness is currently being studied in treating conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease and certain forms of cancer. CBD-related products have also grown in popularity in recent years, with consumers purchasing items such as CBD oils, beverages and even chewing gum.

May find investment gems early

As companies work to innovate in the fast-changing industry, investment opportunities will be created for those willing to do some research. While there are risks associated with fast-growing industries, the opportunities created can outweigh those concerns.